Spirali Impazzite

Stefano Dentone & Antonio Ghezzani

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Sixteen songs with texts in Italian and English: "Spirali Impazzite" is the title of the third studio work of Stefano Dentone and Antonio Ghezzani, a duo from Livorno who has already released two albums, "Teatro Staller" and "I Pugilatori". via Roots Rebels Records respectively in 2016 and 2017. Reflections on life, on the nature of human frailty and on how living in society forces man to appear, to the detriment of his true being and his nature. All seen through the eyes of the two artists from Livorno who retrace some private experiences, aware that the path of each is not depicted with straight lines, but rather with lines that resemble crazed spirals. The sound still remains the roots-rock characteristic of the first two works, but is enhanced with the use of a greater number of acoustic and folk tradition instruments, such as percussion, mandolins, mandolas, double bass, banjos ... that intertwine with electric sounds and referring to the tradition of great classic rock Written and produced by the same Dentone and Ghezzani and recorded in the study of Roots Rebels Records of Livorno, the label they founded and managed, "Spirali Impazzite" sees the participation of Marco Di Lupo and Filippo Meloni on drums, Stefanino Corona on bass, again Filippo Meloni on percussions and Francesco Coppedè on double bass, as well as the special participation of the electric guitarist Marcello Dondero on the track "Feel Good".

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